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EPF: What is the EPF? Connection to emp...

About the Employee Provident Fund The Employee Provident Fund or EPF is one of the savings plans aimed at the salaried class. It aims to facilitate the way to save money to build a sufficient corpus to meet their post-retirement expenses. At present, the scheme has facilitated over 5 million people and is governed by […]

Fed’s Williams: SOFR rate system worked

Federal Reserve Bank of New York Chairman John Williams said on Monday that a replacement for the scandal-ridden Libor benchmark interest rate regime had performed well amid tensions in the financial system during the coronavirus pandemic. “If the pandemic has confirmed one thing about financial benchmarks, it’s the resilience of robust benchmarks,” including new ones […]

The exchange rate system: should Nepal r...

Recently, few questions have emerged about the peg of Nepalese currency to Indian currency. Questions such as: is it correct policy to peg to Indian currency? Should Nepalese currency adopt a floating exchange rate? Or should the Nepalese currency be pegged to another currency and other related matters? These are important and serious questions that […]