The Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) is implementing a new flat rate system for the clearance of personal effects, nearly a year after a previous attempt was scuttled by smuggling.

The new system, which went into effect yesterday, will see boxes, barrels and cartons worth up to USD 1,000 or its equivalent cleared using the simplified C73 customs declaration form. Under the previous system, only personal effects worth up to half that amount were cleared using Form C73, the GRA said in a statement.

Last December, the GRA said, it attempted to implement the new system but was forced to put it on hold after the discovery of prohibited items imported into barrels at a city dock. As a result, the standard operating procedures have been revised and other measures to protect the system have been instituted. In addition, GRA explained that the new system will be complemented by the random selection of goods and the random profiling of risk management.

Accordingly, shippers or their agents will be required to indicate on their manifest, the precise size and description of the contents of the shipment.

The GRA pointed out that a number of measures have been put in place to ensure that the system is not compromised and that consultations have taken place with various stakeholders, such as the Shipping Association of Guyana, before it is launched. be finalized.

“… The changes were made with the convenience of the public in mind. With the simplified system, once the required information has been completed by the people receiving the packages, delays will be avoided, ”GRA Commissioner General Khurshid Sattaur said in the statement.

He added that “in light of the coming holiday season, an increase in the amount of personal effects entering the country is expected.” As a result, he said that the implementation of the new system would reduce unnecessary delays.

The new tariffs for the clearance of large barrels (12 cubic feet) are $ 4,000; medium (10 cubic feet) is $ 3,000; and small (six cubic feet) $ 2,000. The rates for boxes or cartons of 12 cubic feet (economy boxes) will be $ 4,000; those from three cubic feet to 12 cubic feet, $ 2,500; and those of 2.8 cubic feet and less, $ 1,500.

The GRA noted that skates and paddles will not be considered personal effects. Therefore, goods shipped using skids and pallets will be treated as commercial items and will be subject to VAT and excise duties.

Personal effects valued over USD 1,000 would be cleared using the Customs Declaration Form (C72).

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