McDONOUGH – The Henry County Council of Commissioners approved both the county mileage rate and the creation of four tax districts.

The county’s 12.733 mileage rate will remain the same as last year. However, due to an increase in the tax digest, the county will collect more taxes in fiscal 2021 compared to last year.

Special Service Tax Districts will distribute taxes by city, county and unincorporated areas on the next tax bills that will be mailed by September 1.

The aim is to ensure that taxpayers who live in cities do not pay for duplicate county services such as fire and police. Tax invoices will reflect different mileage rates for different services.

The first is the General Obligations Services District. These are services the county provides to all tax-paying citizens, such as court services, the Henry County Sheriff’s Office, general administration, public health facilities, and assistance programs. public. The mile rate is 8,788 miles.

The fire department is the second. Residents of unincorporated Henry County, Locust Grove, Stockbridge and Hampton will pay a mileage rate to the fire departments. McDonough residents will not do this because the McDonough Fire Department serves the residents of the town. The mile rate is 1,105 miles.

The third district is that of the police services. Those who live in the unincorporated parts of the county and Stockbridge will pay for police services. The other three towns have their own police departments. The mile rate is 1,824 miles.

The latter is the Unincorporated Service District. These are services that only taxpayers living in the unincorporated parts of the county will pay for, as those who live in cities already pay for them through municipal taxes. These include stormwater harvesting, waste management and code enforcement. The total mile rate is 12,733 miles.

The County Mileage Rate is combined with the Henry County School Mileage (20 mills), School Bond (3.628 mills) and Water Authority (2 mills) to provide residents with a total mileage rate.

♦ Unincorporated residents – 38,361 mills

♦ Stockbridge – 38,030 factories

McDonough – 38,907 mills. (Residents of the town of McDonough pay a municipal mileage rate of 3,806 miles)

♦ Hampton – 36.206 mills

Locust Grove – 36,206 windmills

Mileage rates are assessed per $ 1,000 of the assessed value of a property.

To consult the complete presentation of the mileage rate and fiscal districts, go to and select Henry TV.

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