VALDOSTA – A woman said older residents shouldn’t have to pay school taxes since they don’t have children in school.

Karen Boggs, a Lowndes County resident, raised her concerns with the Lowndes County Board of Education earlier this week.

“Anyone over 80 years of age is generally in assisted living at home or in a nursing home. It should be obvious to exempt anyone over 80 from paying school taxes, ”said Boggs. “More recently, the income window has narrowed for a lot, but not the bills. I have a feeling that your health can go away at any time, so you should really save for the unexpected.

Boggs said the board should consider exempting retired residents between the ages of 65 and 80, due to their lack of income.

In August, the Lowndes County Board of Education approved reducing the mileage rate from 16.190 to 15.960 this year, a difference of 0.230 mills.

This week, the school board approved the September financial report.

The board approved personal recommendations.

Superintendent Wes Taylor has officially named Melanie Johnson Principal of Dewar Elementary School. Previously, Johnson was deputy director of DES.

The Board of Trustees honored the exploration and youth leadership development students of Pine Grove Middle School Lowndes, as well as the Director of PGMS, Dr Samuel Clemons Jr. and Dr Jamie Foster-Hill, Y-LEAD sponsor. .

The next council meeting is scheduled for November 8 at the Lowndes County Board of Education, 1592 Norman Drive.

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